Development of a network of parks for family vacation
Andrey Dementyev-Kornilov represents the Kornilov dynasty, who have been working with elephants for 160 years from generation to generation. The programs of this dynasty, presented on the Russian and international arena, have been awarded numerous awards. The tricks of the Kornilov elephants are included in the Russian Book of Records.

Andrey is also known as an Honored Artist of Russia and winner of the "Best Artist of the Year - 2012" award. He is a student of the MBA program at the Higher School of Business of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, and a graduate of the Russian Institute of Theater Arts - GITIS. Andrey has been working with elephants all his life, and is also the director of the “Girl and Elephant” show.
Project Creator
To breed elephants in the territory of Russia and then reintroduce the offspring to Indochina, that is supposed to be an important step towards the conservation of this unique animal species.
Today, individuals of the Asian Elephant number about 50,000 throughout the planet while African elephants number about 600,000.
Our Pain Point
Create an area developing mainly as an eco-park with extended infrastructure:
  • glamping,
  • spa area,
  • restaurant complex,
  • entertainment shows,
  • family recreation in the natural environment, with accommodation of exotic animals (elephants, giraffes and other herbivores)
Project Objectives
Achieve annual revenue growth of 30% and market share increase of 2%, to become one of the main tourist attraction destinations in the Krasnodar Krai
Contribute to the development of investment and tourist attractiveness of the region
For now, one of the main trends in the tourism industry is "Tourism of Impressions" which implicate vacations in informal hotels.
Relevance of the offer
Elephant park has no analogues in Russia.
People's interest in glamping vacations
Avito search inquiries in the category of hotels, inns and recreation centers
Global glamping market size
Expected gain
billion $
per year
Creation of a unique and iconic project on a separate territory — the Elephant Park (eco-park) in the Krasnodar area
Park with unique animals

Developed park infrastructure for family recreation in the natural environment on the territory of 2 hectares
Glamping and SPA

Opportunities to stay in the park and visit the SPA complex
Unique animals
The largest on earth
Park's main value proposition — time spent with unique animals
Why to spend time with them
The elephant shares his energy and takes nothing in return
Accommodation within the park territory, SPA areas surrounded by animals attract visitors
20 modules-spheres for up to 100 people.
SPA area
Thermal complex made of coniferous trees.
The restaurant building will be located in the very center of the park. Guests will not only be able to enjoy masterpieces of Asian cuisine, but also observe elephants walking around the perimeter in the old growth forest.
Haute cuisine in restaurants and a separate area for family gatherings
Dishes presented in our restaurant will meet all the world trends of Asian cuisine emphasizing the habitat of elephants.
Family gatherings as a point of growth
Organization of thematic family activities in the open nature:
Birthdays, anniversaries or family reunions, with the focus on the proximity to nature and elephants. Among other things educational workshops about elephants and the park's ecosystem, as well as special workshops for children and adults.
Development of the exclusive all-inclusive packages for family celebrations:
Full suites of services that include renting a venue within the park, catering with an accent on local delicacies, entertainment programs including elephant exploration, and the option of overnight glamping.
Conducting educational and entertaining programs for children:
Organizing specialized programs for children during family activities including outdoor games, eco quests, historical stories telling about elephants and the park.
The park will be located in the neighborhood of Village Akhshtyr (Adler district) in the border area with the Republic of Abkhazia: 30 min drive from Sochi Airport.
Location of the first eco-park — The Krasnodar area
The climate of the Krasnodar Krai in the area of the border with the Republic of Abkhazia is characterized a mild and warm typical of the subtropical climate belt. Summers are hot and long, with temperatures often exceeding +30°C, while winters are mild and short.
Climate of the region
Krasnodar Krai, North Caucasus, Altai, Crimea.
Regions for further development
Elephant Park — is the only place in Russia where people get a chance to neighbor the largest inhabitants of the land, sharing the coastal flora with them.
Park infrastructure
2 hectares of the forest area includes:
Tour capacity of the park
~ 1,200 – 2,000 people a day
01. Elephant Park: with a covered enclosure, pond and tracks for elephants to move around the park
02. Glamping area; Restaurant; SPA zone; Children's playgrounds
03. Outdoor amphitheater
04. Parking area for 500 lots
The main project objective is to raise funding and public awareness for the conservation of elephants and other species.

Proceeds from the glamping, restaurant and SPA will be used not only to support and develop the park itself, but also to finance elephant protection programs.
Our Mission — Public information
Attendance: 831,000 people/year
Market potential and audience capture
Krasnaya Polyana
Tourist traffic: 7.6 million people
Sochi Airport
Attendance: 713,000 people
Adler Olympic Park
12 buildings; 2,880 rooms Average price: 8,000 rubles/day
Sochi Park Hotel
Attendance: 5,000 people/day in season Ticket price: 150 rubles/person
The City of Sochi - Arboretum
Attendance: 250,000 people Ticket price: 2,000 rubles/adult, 1,800 rubles/child
Sky Park
Attendance: 20,000 people/season Ticket price: 600 rubles/adult, 400 rubles/child
Exarcho Farm Sochi
Ticket price: 1,000 rubles/adult, 700 rubles/child
Abkhazia Lion Park
There is no competition with other safari parks in this segment
  • Two Indian elephants (owned by federal state-owned and state-financed enterprise Russian State Circus Company (FKP Rosgoszirk) and entrusted into our custody)
  • Three-year experience in the summer season on the Black Sea coast: 2021 – in the village of Akhshtyr; 2022 – in the village of Bolshoi Kichmai; 2023 – in Hosta Tea Plantation
  • Financial performance for the past three years
  • A team of specialists in the field of elephant care – 6 person
  • Veterinary physician – 1 person
  • Marketing Specialist – 1 person
  • Livestock transport for elephants
  • Summer tent for keeping elephants + all technical equipment for comfortable stay of elephants outdoors
  • Directors of Project Management
For today we have
  • Buy 4 Indian elephants
  • Install 20 glamping modules
  • Organize SPA complex for visitors
  • Erect a covered enclosure for the winter stay of elephants that will correspond to the architecture of the park and glamping area
  • Connect all necessary communications
  • Erect all necessary barrier structures for the safe stay of park guests mainly by means of landscape modification
  • Build facilities for comfortable stay of park guests (benches, shelters, campfire areas, panoramic platforms, etc.)
  • Erect a restaurant building with a panoramic terrace optimized for 100 person
  • Build a parking area for 500 lots
Our plans
Expected Results
Season profit increment
New customers revenue
New Services revenue
million rubles
Expected business outcome
Demonstration of animals in their natural habitat
Restaurant complex operation
Dinner show organization
Glamping complex operation
SPA area operation
Criteria for assessing the project efficiency
High level of:
  • guests safety during their stay in the park;
  • visitor satisfaction;
  • environment liability of the project;
  • innovation implementation (Park named after Mr. Galitsky);
  • social responsibility;
  • animal conservation and husbandry.
Increase in tourist flow
  • financial efficiency of the project;
  • high quality service;
  • variety of entertainment areas.
Risks and countermeasures
Implementation of a quality control system
01. Reputation risks
Ongoing monitoring of municipal and federal government legislation in the area of land use
02. Land in use
Continuous market monitoring and appropriate response to changes
03. State regulation
Services diversification within the project, as well as the interaction with government agencies for the purpose of allocation of funds
04. Inflation
Conducting regular market research, demand forecasting and analyzing the competitive environment
05. Market risks
Up-to-date veterinary care, professionals supervision, consultations with European associations, timely animals replacement
06. Animal dieoff
Our today results:
  • High financial performance
  • Public acceptance and audience involvement from entire Russia and abroad
  • A lot of information in the media
  • Invaluable experience
The project is in progress for 3 years
Contact us
E-mail: slon.girl@yandex.ru
Foundation for support of ecological initiatives and development of international cooperation in the area of environmental protection "Junior National Ecological Organization".

Purpose of the Foundation is enlightening as well as development and support of innovation programs and projects that are aimed at preservation and recreation of natural resources. lnvolvment of youths in solving issues of ecological security is the key element to provide national security as well as puЫic1s welfare and health.
Strategic partner
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