Elephant Park in Sochi
The only elephant park in Russia
Elephant Park Russia
Andrey Dementiev-Kornilov's family project "Elephant Park" exists in the mountain cluster of Sochi. The giants of the land rest all summer in a subtropical climate, which is as close as possible to their natural habitat. Visitors to the park have a unique opportunity to observe their life in the wild.
Elephant Park (2021-2023 г.)
For the third year in a row, Indian elephants Pretty and Margot spend their holidays in the mountains of Sochi, we tested all possible areas in order to choose the best territory:
2021 - Akhshtyr village;
2022 - 33 Waterfalls;
2023 - Khosta village, tea plantations.

It's time to expand!
We are ready to purchase elephants for breeding in Russia. The area of Sochi is completely suitable for their habitat. The Dementiev-Kornilov family, whose history goes back 150 years of working with elephants, has everything necessary to accept animals.
The primary goal of the project is to have about 10 elephants where they can breed, thereby increasing their population in the world.
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